Coronado Investments

Funds Interested in Third Party Marketing

If you are an investor interested in learning about the funds that Coronado represents, please contact us.

If you are a manager looking to retain the services of Coronado, here is a quick overview of how Coronado works.

The relationship begins with building an understanding of your organization and investment strategy. Coronado has a policy and belief that we only be paid for results, and does not charge a retainer fee. Our typical fee structure hedge funds, and other open-ended vehicles, is 20% of management and incentive fees, if any are charged. Our fee structure for private equity style funds is typically 2% of capital raised. For all marketing relationships we are reimbursed for any direct travel related expenses.

Once a contract is signed, we conduct our due diligence of the firm and fund and create, review and/or revise fund/firm marketing material. We then begin to contact investors. The advantages of working with Coronado lie in our years of experience and our continual contact with the investor community. Coronado does not rely on luck to raise investment capital for managers. We rely on knowing what we are marketing, who we are marketing to, and the knowledge that we will perform the hard work required to accomplish the task.

                                                                   Coronado Investments, LLC, a member of FINRA and SIPC.