Coronado Investments

About Coronado Investments

For over 15 years Coronado has been in the business of marketing investment management services to qualified, institutional investors. Coronado's two partners have over 50-years of combined investment industry experience and have long established, substantive relationships with numerous investors spanning the institutional investor community. The experience of our Firm and its team has enabled Coronado to successfully represent investment manager at all stages of their development. As a boutique fund marketer, Coronado typically focuses on marketing funds with niche investment strategies and we often represent managers interested in targeted fund raising. Success in third party marketing is not just about meeting investors. Coronado's team works hard to understand the investment objectives and interests of the investors in our universe. This knowledge, when taken together with the time we dedicate to understanding the strategies we represent, helps our team to bring each strategy to the attention of those investors that are most likely to have interest in investing and are most likely to be solid, long-term investors. We believe that the best investors are those who understand the strategy of the managers they hire, how the strategy should perform during different market periods and the role the manager is expected to play in their overall portfolio.

                                                        Coronado Investments, LLC, a member of FINRA and SIPC.